welcome to dumpling joint!

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dumpling joint is your assistant for booking reservations at restaurants, bars, etc.

currently, we support all venues on resy. opentable integration will also be released very soon!
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you add reservation requests with the following information:
  • restaurant / bar
  • date
  • timeframe - the longer the timeframe, the more likely you will get the reservation
  • number of people
  • when we should stop checking for it - important for avoiding cancellation fees
once we have those, we get to work and keep checking if a table becomes available.
you will get a confirmation email both from us and resy when your table is booked.

you can buy credits for $10/each. one credit will get you one successful booking. if your request does not get booked, you get to keep your credit!
your first booking is free so add a request and we'll get to work.

although we cannot guarantee that you will get your request booked, you can be confident that you will get the table you want if there is a cancellation or new tables are released. either way, your first booking is free, so feel free to try it out for yourself!

you can sign up at https://www.dumplingjoint.com/signup/
also be sure to follow us on instagram for more updates

message us on instagram or email us at support@dumplingjoint.com

  • add requests as early as you can. last minute availability can be way more limited.
  • you can add requests ahead of time even if the venue has not released those dates yet on resy. that way, we can book them as soon as they are released.
  • resy will not let you book multiple reservations too close to each other especially for dinner. therefore, dumpling joint won't be able to book the reservation you requested if you have an existing reservation around the same time.
    our suggestion is to have a partner / friend book the backup reservation on their account and have dumpling joint keep checking for that coveted reservation on your account.
  • be careful about each venue's cancellation policy. if you are not sure that you are going to be able to make it in case something becomes available last minute, make sure you set the "keep checking until" to something appropriate.
    (e.g.) restaurant x lets you cancel without a fee until noon the same day. set the "keep checking until" to 11:30 AM so you have time to decide and let your pals know.